Resorts in Bloom Beneficiary

         West County Health Centers    All proceeds from this annual fundraising event benefit patient care for people in need at our seven sites. West County Health Centers envisions healthy communities building relationships and partnerships that support health and wellbeing for all people..

We are a cohesive team of health care providers, support staff and volunteers dedicated to wellness, compassion, affordability and excellence of care. We believe in non-judgmental and equal care for all members of our diverse community. Our mission, at West County Health Centers, is to provide comprehensive, quality and accessible health care services to the communities of western Sonoma County.

West County Health Centers

Your support makes a huge difference in the lives of our patients here in our community. Your donations are used to provide medical, dental, and mental health care to uninsured people including children, seniors, homeless people, low income families, and many others who are in need.

With your help in 2017, West County Health Centers will provide over $300,000 dollars in uncompensated care to uninsured patients in West Sonoma County.

We invite you to be a part of our over 40 year history of providing comprehensive, quality, and accessible health care services to the communities of western Sonoma County.



  Board of Directors
John Kornfeld, President
Debra Jonson, Vice President
Dwight Cary, Treasurer
Mary Felton, Secretary

Angeles David

Eliot Enriquez

Paulette Hall

Jake Hamlin

Jennifer Nichols

Kathleen Sheridan

Alan Siegle

Meri Storino

Diane Spain




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