Welcome from West County Health Centers Executive Director, Mary Szecsey

Mary Szecsey

Dear Garden Tour Guest,

Welcome! We would like to thank you for coming to our  8th Annual Resorts in Bloom Garden Tour. We are excited to share with you these spectacular gardens that belong to our local resorts that have graciously opened their doors to you, our supporters. We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful place with people who care about building a healthy community for everyone. And we hope that, in the future, you will choose to patronize the businesses and sponsors who are supporting West County Health Centers through this annual fundraising event.

This tour promises to be a unique experience as it is the only time of year that the resorts in West Sonoma County open their doors and gardens for touring by the public. We ask that you please respect the privacy of the resort guests and remember that the resorts are in full operation throughout the weekend. After the tour, please take some time to learn more about the comprehensive services and innovative programs at West County Health Centers by visiting our website at www.wchealth.org.

We know you will enjoy this tour of some of the finest gardens in West County with their historical landmarks, rare plants, meditation gardens, and master garden presentations and much more. Take pleasure in the experience as you relax with friends and stroll through these breathtaking properties. Enjoy nature’s most precious gifts ….listen to the birds singing. …take time to smell the roses. 

Our heartfelt thanks for your ongoing support,

Mary Szecsey

Executive Director, West County Health Centers


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