Congressman Jared Huffman

Congressman Jared Huffman

Welcome to Resorts in Bloom! Thank you for taking the time to join in celebrating our region's remarkable landscapes and supporting West County Health Centers.

After forty years, West County Health Centers continue to play an important role in our local healthcare system by serving 15,000 patients here in Sonoma County. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, West County Health Centers have been a valuable partner in achieving our national goal of extending healthcare coverage to vulnerable and underserved populations. Over 3,000 current patients are befitting from life-changing insurance coverage that is now available to them through the Affordable Care Act.

As leaders in transforming the delivery of healthcare, it is no wonder that West County Health Centers' exceptional services have been recognized by both the National Committee on Quality Assurance and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

West County Health Centers needs our ongoing support to continue their impressive legacy of building healthy communities and providing high-quality, patient-centered care to western Sonoma County residents.

The combination of natural abundance and strong community partnerships makes me proud to represent Sonoma County in Congress. As you enjoy your garden tours, I encourage you to reflect on both Sonoma County's beautiful landscapes, as well as our collective commitment to ensuring that quality healthcare is available to all members of our community. Your support is what makes the difference to our most vulnerable friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your efforts to provide comprehensive and accessible health care services.

Jared Huffman
United States Congressman

California 2nd District

State Senator Mike McGuire

State Senator Noreen Evans

I am excited to join with West County Health Centers in welcoming you to the 2015 Resorts in Bloom Garden Tour. It is wonderful to be able to come together to support the vital work that WCHC does.

Every year, dedicated and gifted gardeners partner with resorts and sponsors to make this incredible garden tour possible. We are very grateful for their generosity.

We are also grateful and lucky to have a health care partner like WCHC in our community. By offering innovative, caring and patient-centered health care, WCHC is providing the tools we all need to build healthy lives.

The Resorts in Bloom Garden Tour gives us the opportunity to celebrate WCHC's accomplishments during the previous year and 2014 was particularly eventful. One of WCHC's most exciting achievements was to open its fourth primary care site, Gravenstein Community Health Center last September in Sebastopol. It will open full-time in the fall.

The Russian River Health Center not only celebrated four decades of outstanding community service, they also completed major capital improvements including the Solar Installation Project and the Sidewalk Project which creates better access to their Dental Clinic.

The Forestville Wellness Center received a $250,000 Federal Capital Improvement grant to improve access to services and WCHC was awarded a new Federal grant for Behavioral Health Integration to increase mental health services at all of their sites.

WCHC also cemented its credentials as a truly community based health care system by launching the Patient Family Council to strengthen partnerships between patients, families, providers, staff and the greater community.

These are only some of the many accomplishments that the West County Health Centers attained in 2014 and a mere fraction of what they have contributed overall to the well-being of the individuals and families they serve.

WCHC couldn't be the success they are without your incredible generosity. Thank you again for your invaluable support ‎and commitment to a healthier community!

Warmest Regards,
Mike McGuire
California State Senator

2nd District

Assemblyman Jim Wood

Assemblyman Wesley Chesbro

It is an honor to welcome you to the 2015 Resorts in Bloom Garden Tour. Thank you for participating in this wonderful fundraising event that supports West County Health Centers and the important work they do.

For over forty years, WCHC has delivered quality and affordable healthcare services to the communities of West Sonoma County. Their highly-skilled team of physicians, specialists, nurses, support staff and volunteers play an integral role in the delivery of healthcare to rural and unincorporated areas of my district. The range of services offered at WCHC includes primary care, perinatal and obstetrics, mental health and dental, as well as a wellness center and teen clinic.

I want to commend and thank WCHC for their continued efforts at expanding access to all levels of services for a unique and diverse constituencies, I applaud their commitment to providing exceptional care regardless of insurance or income levels. In addition to being a local and statewide model of patient-centered healthcare excellence, WCHC has been recognized by the National Committee on Quality Assurance for performance standards that improve the lives of their patients.

As you enjoy this weekend's garden tours and activities, please take time to appreciate the staff here at WCHC and their tireless efforts to improve the overall health of our residents in Sonoma County.  Thank you again for supporting West County Health Centers and participating in this annual event.

Jim Wood
California Legislature Assemblyman

2nd District

Assemblyman Marc Levine

Assemblyman Marc Levine

With great pleasure I welcome you to the 2015 Resorts in Bloom Garden Tour. West Sonoma County is incredibly beautiful and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the beautiful sights and the unique gardens.

The tour is in support of West County Health Centers (WCHC) which offers quality, affordable health care services to members of the community. In these difficult economic times, it is organizations like WCHC that help keep our communities healthy. Thank you WCHC for caring for the most vulnerable among us.

I also want to extend a special thank you to the resort owners who have opened their doors to the supporters of WCHC. People from all over the world spend holidays and vacations at your exquisite resorts. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous gardens with your friends and neighbors in the community.

Marc Levine
California Assembly Member

10th District

Sheriff Steve Freitas

Sheriff Steve Freias

I am honored to once again support West County Health Centers and welcome you to the 2015 Resorts in Bloom Garden Tour. Your participation in this fundraiser helps the citizens of Sonoma County find the support they need. Your generosity is appreciated.

The need for quality health care in our community remains a priority. West County Health Centers are assisting families, children and the elderly access health care and resources. The importance a healthy life has on an individual, cannot be understated. The services provided by West County Health Centers are critical in assisting people who could so easily choose a different path in life. We are all pieces in a larger puzzle and we depend on each other to ensure safer and healthier communities become a reality.

Along with enjoying the beautiful gardens, I hope you find inspiration to become more active in your community. Remember, whether you volunteer with a charity or through the support you give to West County Health Centers this weekend, you are improving lives of children, seniors and families in Sonoma County. Thank you!

Sheriff Steve Freitas
Sonoma County Sheriff's Office

District Attorney Jill Ravitch

Jill Ravitch, District Attorney, Sonoma County

As Sonoma County's District Attorney, it is an honor to again welcome everyone to Resorts in Bloom. The beauty of Sonoma County can be enjoyed during a tour of the grounds and gardens of these wonderful resorts. For four decades West County Health Centers have positively impacted thousands of lives in our community.

I am thrilled that WCHC recently obtained a Federal grant for Behavioral Health Integration to increase availability of mental health services at all sites. The Center has also received formal recognition from the National Committee on Quality Assurance as a Patient-Centered Medical Home, a national model of health care that demonstrates improved care for WCHC's commitment to patients. These critically important, quality services are not only helping us work towards a healthier community, but also a safer one.

This event represents everything that is wonderful about this county, both in terms of the beauty that surrounds us and the generous nature of those who participate in this fun event. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Jill Ravitch
Sonoma County District Attorney

5th District Supervisor, Efren Carrillo

5th District Supervisor Efren Carrillo

Welcome and Thank You from Sonoma County Supervisor, Efren Carrillo.

With a service area covering 750 square miles of Western Sonoma County, West County Health Centers is a vital institution for our entire community. The many health care options they provide for underprivileged families and children have been a critical part of the community's safety net for over forty years.

West County Health Centers does not simply meet the challenge, but is committed to providing high quality, multi disciplinary, comprehensive health services facility offering stellar medical, dental, and mental health services to our most vulnerable. Your support of their mission is essential to their goals of meeting the needs of our community and providing preventative health education.

With new insurance options under the Affordable Care Act bringing more and more of your neighbors into our health care system, West County Health Centers are on the front lines of meeting the preventive health care needs of our community.

The money raised from this event will help West County Health Centers care for our most vulnerable populations during this time of increased need.

While touring West County's beautiful gardens, please take time to thank the host resort owners, many volunteers, and other supporters that you meet along the way. Thank you for your support of this effort!

With gratitude,
Efren Carrillo
Supervisor, Fifth District, Sonoma County


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